COVID - 19 - Studio Hygiene

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Please note the following;

·        The studio will continue to be regularly cleaned using soap and water, steaming AND antibacterial products.

·        We will continue to offer Pilates and Yoga mats in the Studio and there will be cleaning solutions and wipes available to wipe these mats down after you have used, however feel free to bring your own mat.

·        We will regularly clean the equipment used and cleaning products will be available aaato wipe down equipment after use.  Alternatively most small props are sold in the Studio if you prefer to buy/bring your own (such as spikey balls, gurdi balls, bands etc).

·        We would ask you to maintain good hygiene and where possible wash hands before the class.  Antibacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser will be available in the studio for you to use if needed.  Please also ensure socks are kept on for the class.

·        We have provided blue roll to dry hands with, rather than using a hand towel.  Please dispose of the blue roll in the bins rather than in the toilet as this can cause blockages!

·        We would ask that you bring your own water bottle to the class to avoid used plastic cups lying around the studio and also to help the environment!

·        Please do not attend the classes if you have recently returned from any of the affected areas or have been in contact with anyone who is quarantined or has returned from an affected area.

·        Please do not attend the class if you are experiencing symptoms associated with Corvid-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has Corvid-19.


We thank you for your help and cooperation!


Many thanks,


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