In-Person Pilates

Come and join one of our classes in person. Class numbers are capped to ensure safety and to provide a more personal approach. During the class you will be provided with feedback, prompts and modifications to allow you to get the most from the session and your body. Each session is more than just a ‘Pilates class’, it aims to provide a holistic experience, nurturing the mind, body and soul.

NEW ... Bring your practice outdoors with our Pop Up Pilates classes.  Just bring your own mat, find your space and enjoy the surrounds as you move your body, clear your mind, fill your lungs with the fresh air and top up your vitamin D.


"By all means never fail to get all the sunshine and freshair you can" Joseph Pilates.

Mat Pilates

The mat classes use either just your own body or small props to assist in the exercise or provide an increased challenge. Each class is varied, so you will never do the same class twice! The classes are suitable for all levels and modifications are provided throughout. We all have strengths and area of challenge, so by providing modifications for the exercises, you can pitch the class at your own level on any given day!

During the mat based pilates classes, you are guided through a range of pilates exercises providing you with a full body workout. Each client is encouraged to work at their own pace and within their own limits. Adaptations can be given to ensure challenge within your own limitations. Throughout regular participation in the Pilates classes, you with become more aware of your own body and what it needs!

Each class finishes with a short relaxation practice to reduce tension in the body and the mind and promote a sense of calm and well being.

Pilates Circuits

The Pilates Circuits are a higher intensity interval Pilates class. It uses Pilates based exercises on a timed based circuit. Although it is higher intensity, it allows each individual to work at their own pace and intensity, modifying and resting when needed. The Pilates principles should be maintained and whenever the alignment, control or precision of a movement is reduced, it is important to rest and return to the exercise, with improved quality when ready.

This class is sure to improve fitness, boost the mood and increase the energy levels for the day. The class is a great compliment to the regular classes or as a stand alone to increase fitness levels and performance in sports.

One-to-One Pilates

If you have a specific are you would like to work on or prefer a more personal class to get you started, why not try the one to one sessions tailored to your needs and at a time that suits you! These can be booked as an individual sessions or as a block.

Corporate Pilates

Would you like to boost your staffs physical and mental wellbeing and increase productivity as a bi product? Why not book in a corporate Pilates class? We can come to your workplace for your staff or deliver the class live via Zoom.

The break in the working day to engage in a Pilates class will help to energise the mind and body, releasing tension and fatigue, encourage better posture and prevent back pain from sitting at a desk all day and also help to calm and focus the mind.

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Frequent Questions

How do I book and where does the training take place?

Classes can be booked online or contact directly for more info or to book.

How many sessions do I need to book at a time?

Classes can be booked as a block or as a drop in (space permitting).

Is it a one-to-one training, or can I book it with my partner?

One to one, partner or small group training is available.

Can I reschedule my in-person training, and what is the cut-off time?

We understand that thing come up and we will try to accommodate changes. However, we would ask that you provide as much notice as possible to reschedule class time (space permitting) or individual/small group training.

What our customers say

For anyone who runs regularly or has just taken up running recently, I highly recommend Lynsey's Pilates classes for lengthening and strengthening the body and muscles that can get tight and overworked from the pounding of the pavements.

Grainne Harran, Dublin

I have been doing Lynsey's Pilate's classes for a few months now. I've found Lynsey's classes extremely beneficial to staying limber and injury free and to aid recovery after a run. lynsey packs so much into each class and the pace is easy to follow. There is an excellent flow with some relaxation at the end.

Grainne Harran, Dublin

"Lynsey's passion and knowledge, not only of Pilates but also of the anatomy/body is really reassuring and helpful. She explains each of the exercises clearly, and the benefits of it, so her zoom classes are easy to follow (how she keeps talking through her 2 minute plank challenges, I'll never know). I'd highly recommend Lynsey's classes".

Karen Glakin, Dublin

"I have been attending Lynsey’s Pilates and Circuit classes for the last 3 years. Her passion for teaching Pilates is very clear and she always caters for all levels by giving lots of alternative options for the different exercises throughout the classes."

Aisling O’Mahony, Dublin

"The Saturday morning HIIT class kickstarts the weekend in the best possible way. Lynsey’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and there is a real buzz about the class. It is a high octane session which gives mind and body a brilliant workout."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

"Lynsey is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge. I have been a client of Lynsey's for 3 years and I learn something new from her in every class. I have also worked with her one to one and gained so much respect, confidence and strength in my post natal body with her guidance. Her positivity is infectious and her classes are engaging and dynamic to suit everyone's ability"

Clare Hurley, Dublin

"After a microdiscectomy I was affraid to move my body. Through Lynsey's Pilates coaching my back strength has recovered pain free. Two pregnancies later and Pilates with Lynsey is my non-negotiable. It keeps me strong, mobile and moving with confidence."

Sinead O'Moore, Dublin

"I particularly like the variety of the Pilates classes, no 2 classes are the same and there is never any compromise to the workout. The Pilates \ Circuits mix is an innovative addition to the schedule and one of my favourites."

Aisling O’Mahony, Dublin

"I have been attending Studio 72 for over 5 years and the Pilates and HIIT classes with Lynsey are excellent. Lynsey’s ability to motivate people to get the best out of themselves ensures that every session is hugely enjoyable and beneficial."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

"I've been attending Lynsey's Pilates classes for almost 10 years now and I can honestly say I've never experienced two identical classes. Each of her classes has a fresh theme or focus and a different combination of exercises, keeping them interesting and challenging."

Karen Glakin, Dublin

"Lynsey has a great way of explaining new moves and due to the class size she is always on hand to make sure the exercises are being done correctly. Her warm nature, attention to detail and depth of knowledge ensures that I get the best out of myself in every class."

Celestine MacNally

"Lynsey plans each lesson meticulously and includes a wide variety of exercises to improve core strength, balance, flexibility and general fitness. Her clear instruction enables participants of all levels to engage fully and more seamlessly from one exercise to the next. I highly recommend her warm and welcoming classes"

Maria O'Neill, Dublin

"The health benefits of Pilates are obvious and the classes have been a huge help in maintaining both physical and positive mental health. Lynsey works hard to ensure each session is challenging and enjoyable and complementary to better mobility, flexibility and health."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

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