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Life is busy! We get that! Times of classes may not always suit? We totally understand! So that’s why we have made our live classes available as a PLAYBACK so you can watch at a time that suits you. We have also created more focused classes, workshops and courses, that you can enhance your practice with ON DEMAND. You can choose from a recorded PLAYBACK class, a FOCUSED class or WORKSHOP when it suits you!


Try a free class that takes a series of Pilates exercises and movements, to help improve posture, balance and control whilst in standing and for everyday function. This class is suitable for all levels - no equipment needed.

ON DEMAND PLAYBACK & FOCUSED classes allow you to pick and choose what classes you do and when. It may be a certain class type, a recording of a live Zoom mat or circuits class, or it may be a FOCUSED, such as, Abs Blast or to work with a certain prop or the window of time you have available to train may also be the deciding factor over which ON DEMAND class you choose.

With ON DEMAND, you control your training. However, it is recommended to vary your class choices to ensure a holistic and balanced training experience.


Our live classes are available as a PLAYBACK so you can watch at a time that suits you.

On-Demand Playback classes allow you to pick and choose what classes you do and when. It also allows you to pause and rewind to go over an exercise you may want to perfect or to redo a whole class that you may have attended live and enjoyed or benefited from it!

You can rent PLAYBACK classes for 30 days and train anytime and anywhere you want. We add new video classes regularly, so check back soon for more!


Our FOCUSED classes allow you to fine tune your Pilates training.

On-Demand Focused classes allow you to pick a class to work on a specific area, such as upper body, abdominals, balance or with a specific prop at a time that works for you.  

You can rent the FOCUSED classes for 30 days and train anytime and anywhere you want. We add new video classes regularly, so check back soon for more!

Frequent Questions

Is there a time limit for the videos I purchase?

Yes the videos will have an expiry date.

What do I need for my Pilates class?

All you need is a Pilates mat and enough space to lie on the mat and comfortably move your arms and legs! Unless it is stated as a specific focused class, such as ‘Bands Class’ then no equipment is required. It is recommended to bring some water to keep hydrated and a small towel to help assist with some exercises.

What should I wear to the classes?

You should wear something comfortable and non restrictive to allow movement.

What if I can’t do an exercise?

Modifications of the exercises will be given to allow you to work at different levels. Please listen to your body and if a movement does not feel right then do not do it! You can contact the instructor after the class via text, phone or email.

How often should I train?

A minimum of 1 class per week is essential, however, as with all skills and training the more you do it the better and quicker you will see and feel the results. It is also recommended that you take the principles learned from the class over into every day life, so they become more automatic and can positively enhance your daily living.

What our customers say

For anyone who runs regularly or has just taken up running recently, I highly recommend Lynsey's Pilates classes for lengthening and strengthening the body and muscles that can get tight and overworked from the pounding of the pavements.

Grainne Harran, Dublin

I have been doing Lynsey's Pilate's classes for a few months now. I've found Lynsey's classes extremely beneficial to staying limber and injury free and to aid recovery after a run. lynsey packs so much into each class and the pace is easy to follow. There is an excellent flow with some relaxation at the end.

Grainne Harran, Dublin

"Lynsey's passion and knowledge, not only of Pilates but also of the anatomy/body is really reassuring and helpful. She explains each of the exercises clearly, and the benefits of it, so her zoom classes are easy to follow (how she keeps talking through her 2 minute plank challenges, I'll never know). I'd highly recommend Lynsey's classes".

Karen Glakin, Dublin

"I have been attending Lynsey’s Pilates and Circuit classes for the last 3 years. Her passion for teaching Pilates is very clear and she always caters for all levels by giving lots of alternative options for the different exercises throughout the classes."

Aisling O’Mahony, Dublin

"The Saturday morning HIIT class kickstarts the weekend in the best possible way. Lynsey’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and there is a real buzz about the class. It is a high octane session which gives mind and body a brilliant workout."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

"Lynsey is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge. I have been a client of Lynsey's for 3 years and I learn something new from her in every class. I have also worked with her one to one and gained so much respect, confidence and strength in my post natal body with her guidance. Her positivity is infectious and her classes are engaging and dynamic to suit everyone's ability"

Clare Hurley, Dublin

"After a microdiscectomy I was affraid to move my body. Through Lynsey's Pilates coaching my back strength has recovered pain free. Two pregnancies later and Pilates with Lynsey is my non-negotiable. It keeps me strong, mobile and moving with confidence."

Sinead O'Moore, Dublin

"I particularly like the variety of the Pilates classes, no 2 classes are the same and there is never any compromise to the workout. The Pilates \ Circuits mix is an innovative addition to the schedule and one of my favourites."

Aisling O’Mahony, Dublin

"I have been attending Studio 72 for over 5 years and the Pilates and HIIT classes with Lynsey are excellent. Lynsey’s ability to motivate people to get the best out of themselves ensures that every session is hugely enjoyable and beneficial."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

"I've been attending Lynsey's Pilates classes for almost 10 years now and I can honestly say I've never experienced two identical classes. Each of her classes has a fresh theme or focus and a different combination of exercises, keeping them interesting and challenging."

Karen Glakin, Dublin

"Lynsey has a great way of explaining new moves and due to the class size she is always on hand to make sure the exercises are being done correctly. Her warm nature, attention to detail and depth of knowledge ensures that I get the best out of myself in every class."

Celestine MacNally

"Lynsey plans each lesson meticulously and includes a wide variety of exercises to improve core strength, balance, flexibility and general fitness. Her clear instruction enables participants of all levels to engage fully and more seamlessly from one exercise to the next. I highly recommend her warm and welcoming classes"

Maria O'Neill, Dublin

"The health benefits of Pilates are obvious and the classes have been a huge help in maintaining both physical and positive mental health. Lynsey works hard to ensure each session is challenging and enjoyable and complementary to better mobility, flexibility and health."

Graham Fagan, Dublin

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